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Careful driving requires the engagement of visual and auditory senses to make informed, often very quick decisions to navigate safely. When drivers get behind the wheel, they are not only driving to protect themselves, but also to protect those driving and walking around them. Anyone getting into a vehicle and turning on the ignition has a tremendous responsibility.

If drivers cannot see clearly, they cannot judge distances or spot trouble. They also will not be able to make the best judgments. Peripheral or ‘out of the corner of the eye’ vision is very important in spotting vehicles coming up along the side while the driver’s eyes are on the road ahead. Most of the information drivers need is visual; therefore, good eyesight is critical to safe driving.

Depending upon the vision assessment in each eye, you will be allowed to proceed with the driving license test or renewal.

There is a criteria set towards the minimum requirement of vision during the driving eye test, without which the person is not entitled to drive on the UAE roads

A full eye examination conducted during the driving eye test is the same as what is conducted during a routine eye test. It consists of history taking, visual acuity measurement, an external examination of the eye like external muscles motility test followed by specific tests for evaluating the eye health, color vision test (Ishihara test), pupil function, refraction, and slit-lamp examination.

Get an RTA-approved eye testing for UAE driver’s license renewals and new license applications in Dubai. Visit us at Dubai Festival City to know more.

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Having an eye test is a key part of keeping your eyes healthy and your vision clear. That’s why an eye test should be a regular part of everyone’s health regime


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