optometrist checking a patient's vision with a tonometer

Eye test takes less than 20 minutes and it’s done by any of our experienced optometrists. Book a free eye test now, at our store in Dubai Festival City Mall, UAE. *eye test is free*.



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Take part in the Online Vision Screening Check, and check the quality of your vision.

What screening checks are available?
The Online Vision Screening check is divided into three parts:

  • Visual Acuity Check
  • Contrast Vision Check
  • Colour Vision Check

How often should you have your eyes tested?

Adults (without existing or known eye problems) should have their eyes tested regularly

between the ages of 20 and 39 at least three times during this period
from the age of 40 onwards: once every 2-3 years
from the age of 65 onwards every 1-2 years.

Handsome optometrist smiling happy to welcome the patient for a free eye test


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